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The death of a loved one is never easy. We are here for you and will support you at this difficult time.  

We will pray for you, your family, your friends and for the person who has died.

If you would like a funeral service in one of the churches on the islands please do be in touch.

Isles of Scilly Churchyard Policy

Statements of intent

  • The incumbent, together with the P.C.C., has the responsibility to maintain the churchyards of St. Agnes, St. Martin’s, St. Nicholas Tresco, All Saints’ Bryher and Old Town Church St. Mary’s. The churchyards on St. Agnes, St. Martin’s, Bryher and Tresco are open for burials, Old Town churchyard is closed for burials as it is full, but there is provision for burials in the adjacent council-owned and run cemetery. (For further information about Old Town Cemetery, please contact the Council of the Isles of Scilly.)

  • The incumbent and P.C.C. adhere to the Diocesan Guidelines for Churchyards and Monuments published by the Diocesan Registrar.

  • The incumbent and P.C.C. recognises its responsibility in law to permit the burials of residents of the Isles and those who have died within the parish in the islands’ churchyards.

  • The incumbent and P.C.C. are aware that the islands are special to many people who are non-resident, some of who may wish to be interred here.

  • The incumbent and P.C.C. wishes to be pastorally sensitive to those planning their own funeral arrangements and to their grieving relations.

  • The P.C.C. has come to the view that, in order to preserve the very beauty and peace of the island churchyards which so many appreciate, restrictions now need to be placed on the erection of monuments following the interment of non-residents in the island’s churchyards. 


This policy covers all the Parish’s churchyards.

Policy (*residents of the Isles of Scilly)

  • The term "*resident" means those whose main residence is on the Isles of Scilly, and who, therefore, spend the majority of the year on the Isles.

  • All who die on the Isles, or whose main residence at the time of death is on the Isles, have the right to be interred here (burial or interment of ashes) and to have a monument

  • In the case of people who have had strong historical links with the Isles, including a long period of residency (at least 10 years), the P.C.C. may agree to a request for an island burial, but this is solely at the discretion of the P.C.C., who will judge each case individually on its merits.

  • Former residents of the Isles who can demonstrate strong historical links or existing residents may wish to pursue the option of reserving a burial plot by faculty to guarantee their right to burial on the Isles. The P.C.C. and Diocesan Registrar would need to agree to the application to reserve a plot.

  • In the case of someone who is buried at sea off Scilly, or lost at sea, a monument may be placed in one of the churchyards with the agreement of the Chaplain.


Policy (non-residents of the Isles of Scilly)

  • Non-residents who die whilst on the Isles have the right to burial on the Isles and a monument.

  • Non-residents who are lost at sea around Scilly, with or without the recovery of mortal remains, may have burial (if appropriate) and a monument.

  • Non-residents who wish their ashes to be interred in the island churchyards may request this, but may not erect a monument. All enquiries should be made to the Chaplain, who will do their best to accommodate all such requests. 

  • Non-residents whose remains are interred elsewhere may not erect a monument.

The P.C.C. reserves the right to refuse requests for interment (burial or interment of ashes) and the erection of monuments subject to the policy above, and to review and/or to amend the policy regularly.

This policy was adopted unanimously by the P.C.C. on 4th September 2007 and renewed in 2021.

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